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                                                Natura Villas - Holiday homes in Turkey Luxury Villas with private pools


                                                    Win a house in the sun

Yes, you can win a brand new 4 bedroom Villa complete with a massive sunny terrace ideal for sizzling in the mediterranean sun.

Just minutes away from Migros supermarket and local stores, a busy Saturday bazaar all this within walking distance of this magnificent apartment. Golden Sandy beach is only a kilometer away.

House value £500000 (GBP)

Raffle ticket cost per entry  £30 (GBP)

All entrents will recive a free bonus gift once you buy a raffle ticket!




Enter the easy competition and you could win your own place in the sun!



Property Specifications

The villa consists of an open plan kitchen and living room, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Reinforced Concrete for the foundations.   Conforms to Planning & Building Regulations.
The complex is surrounded by a wall and iron fencing.   2 main entrances, 24 Hours reception, caretakers and a site manager will be in charge at all times, under our supervision.
Ceramic floor tiles (lounge, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies)   Fitted Kitchen, complete with Hob and extractor.
Central Satellite System wired ready for each apartment.   TV + Turkish Telecom phone line points in Lounge & Bedrooms.
Spacious Balconies and Sun Terraces.   Post Boxes
Double Glazed windows finished in white lacquered UPVC.   Stainless Steel Safety doors with high standard safety locks.
At least 8 plug points in kitchens, 3 plug points in lounge and 2 plug points in all bedroom.   Fitted Bathrooms with European style cabinets, separate shower, shower cubicles, vanity units, toilet & other accessories.
Beautiful smooth plastered ceilings and walls (lounge, bedrooms, kitchens)   Smoothly designed covings with down lighting spot lights in Lounge.
Fitted Kitchen with marble work surfaces   Marble patio, Marble internal stairs.
45 sq m outdoor swimming pool for adults and children.      
Altinkum, Turkey
Discover the magic of Turkey. Crystal blue sparkling water against
a magnificent rugged mountainous back drop, you will be forgiven
for thinking that you have landed in paradise.

Turkey the cradle of civilisation, a country with amazing stories
to be told. Turkey with its cultural wealth, is famous for its works
of art belonging to the Persians, Lycians, Carians and Romans.
The Property offered in this competition is located in Altinkum, a bustling holiday resort on the Aegean coast.

Altinkum is ideally situated for those wishing to explore the
cultural and historic aspects, or for a relaxing holiday spending
days either by the pool or on one of the many blue flag beaches.
Experience the many delights offered; shopping in the bazaars,
or a leisurely boat trip taking in the breathtaking beauty of the
many bays.

Enjoy day trips visiting the historic sites such as Ephesus, where you can walk in the foot steps of Cleopatra.

Altinkum Beach is a clean fine golden sandy beach. Few images of the beautiful beach.



                                                                     How the winning ticket will be picked

The draw will take place outside the offices of CrescentHomes in Altinkum, we will ask  a local Turkish restaurant owner to pick a ticket from a bowl, the tickets will be  numbered 1 to the amount of tickets sold.

The raffle  will be broad casted live on (Sky and BBC news)

When the competition is closed we will take all entries that are paid, they will be allocated an entry number between 1 and 2500 (these entry numbers will be sent to each participant via email when they purchase a raffle ticket) these entries will then be put into a database which assigned a number between 1 and 1500 to each entry, one number from these  tickets will be picked and the corresponding entry number will be picked the winner.


                                   How to enter the raffle

If you would like to get a chance to win this property just simply purchase a raffle tricket by clicking the buy now button bellow.  You can purchase as many tickets as you wish to boost your chances of winning, so buy your raffle ticket today.

                                                          Enter the easy competition and you could win your own place in the sun!





Terms and conditions



1 – The competition is open to all residents of 18 years or over, from countries with reciprocity agreements with Turkey as at 21st August 2014. No-one involved in the organisation or administration of this competition, including their family members, is eligible to participate. The competition is organised and administered by WinAHomeInTheSun Limited.

The under-mentioned Countries enjoy reciprocal agreement with Turkey
Cape Verde Island
Central African Rep
Costa Rica
Cote D'Ivoire
Dominican Republic
El Salvador

New Zealand

San Marino
Serbia & Montenegro
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
Turkish Republic of
North Cyprus
United Kingdom
2 – Entries to the competition are only valid if made via this website ( There is no limit to the amount of entries that any one person can make via this website.

3 – Only 2500 entries will be allowed into the competition. Any entries received after this entry limit has been reached will be declared void and a full refund will be given to the respective entrant or held over to another competition if requested. All entries will become the property of the competition organizers on their receipt of them, and will not be returned. Entrants hereby assign all worldwide copyright and other intellectual property rights in their entries and waive all moral rights. Entrants into the competition will receive a confirmatory e-mail within 3 days of their entry into the competition.

Contact us: Lady Pan @ Win a, email: ( Tel: (+447952740162), address, Pall Mall Lodge, Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5ED.

4 – The price of entering the competition is £30 (GBP) per entry. This is payable using the payment button on the “Enter” page of this website. All entrants must submit all requested contact details and a valid e-mail address on entering the competition for the purposes of allowing the competition organizers to notify them in the event they win a prize, and to post certain of the first prize winner's details on the website but not for any other purpose. Only completed entries will be entered into the competition. All entrants are solely responsible for providing the competition organizers with accurate and up-to-date contact details and the competition organizers will be in no way liable for any failure or inability to contact any entrant due to any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the contact details and/or email address that he/she has provided, any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the competition organizers or otherwise.

5 – The competition will become open for entry at 09:00 am on 21st August  2014  and will continue to be open for entry until 12:00pm on the anticipated end date of 31st August 2017, unless all 2500 entries are sold prior to such anticipated end date in which case the competition organizers reserve the right to end the competition prior to that date. If all 2500 entries have not been sold by such anticipated end date, the competition organizers reserve the right to keep the competition open for entry for up to 3 months after the anticipated end date.

In the highly unlikely event of the target sales, (2500 entries) not being reached, the main prize, i.e. Real Estate, shall be withdrawn, & a cash prize equivalent to 65% of achieved sales will be made to the winner, after expenses.

6 – The draw to determine the winner of the competition will commence the day after the date on which the competition ends. The draw will be made by officials of a world recognized Charity, whose decision will be final, with no correspondence being entered into by the competition organizers in respect of any decision made by the drawing panel.

7 – Subject to agreeing terms for the transfer of the first prize, setting a completion date for such transfer and exchanging contracts prior to and completing the transfer on that completion date, the first prize in the competition shall be all that freehold interest in the property in Altinkum as detailed on the property page - inclusive of all fees and taxes and utility connection, unless sales of entries into the competition have not reached the total tickets issued by the end of the competition in which case the first prize shall revert to a cash prize of 65% of the total competition entry sales achieved prior to the end of the competition after expenses.

8 – Once the winner has accepted the first prize they will be invited to an agent dealing with the property to allow the property to be declared in their name.

9 – The use of entrant data for the purposes set out in the terms of the competition organizers' privacy policy (WinAHomeInTheSun LTD terms & conditions) will be posted on the website for the purposes of announcing the winner of the competition within 24 hours of the draw to announce the winner and 1 runner-up of the competition having been conducted and the competition organizers will attempt to notify the winner for the purposes of obtaining their acceptance of the prize and commencing the process of transferring the prize to the winner. Regardless of whether the competition organizers have been successfully able to contact the winner of the competition, the winner must communicate to the competition organizers his/her acceptance of first prize within 28 days of announcement of the winner of the competition on this website or an alternative winner will be selected from the runner-up of the competition. (with the first runner-up being selected as the first alternative and so on until an acceptance of first prize is communicated to the competition organizers, each runner-up having 7 days from notification of their alternative winner status by the competition organizers to communicate his/her acceptance of first prize)

9a – The runner up prize shall not be less than 1% of total ticket sales.

10 – Cash prizes will be made by cheaque to the name of the entrant only.

11 – All competition entry sales are final and no refunds shall be made at any time. All entrants hereby acknowledge that their payment of £30 per entry to enter the competition does not guarantee that they will win any prize. (The Laws of England and Wales shall govern the interpretation and/or enforcement of these terms and conditions and the competition organizers and all entrants hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.)

12 – This competition is void where prohibited by law. Participants in this competition agree that their participation is not in violation of their local laws or is otherwise prohibited. (see section 1)

13 – The competition organizers accept no liability for errors or omissions contained within the first prize details or any other part of this website. It is the responsibility of the first prize winner to satisfy him/herself as to the accuracy of any such details and/or any content of this website.

14 – Nothing within these terms and conditions shall create or should be construed as creating any form of contract between any entrant and the competition organizers.

15 – Each entrant should retain a copy of these terms and conditions for his/her reference.

16 – Winners & Notifications.

16a Winners will be notified using the details entered on the competition entry form within 28 days of the competition close date. WinAHomeInTheSun Limited cannot be held responsible for incorrect contact information entered by the entrant. In the event that we cannot contact the winner(s) within 28 days, WinAHomeInTheSun Limited in its sole discretion may decide if a replacement contestant should be selected
16b WinAHomeInTheSun Limited will arrange a mutually amicable time with the 1st prize-winner(s) to hand over the prizes. Runner up prize will be posted using the details entered on the entry form.

16c The name, photo, town of residence and a recorded interview of the winner(s) may be used in future promotion material issued by WinAHomeInTheSun Limited.

16d Ownership of the 1st prize(s) will be transferred to the winner without further cost to themselves. You will need to arrange and pay for your trip to the area for at least one week to facilitate the deeds to be transferred into your name, but all local taxes and associated paperwork costs in Turkey will be paid by Win A Ltd.

 Contact us: Lady Pan @ Win a, email: ( Tel: (+447952740162), address, Pall Mall Lodge, Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5ED.



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